Things your GPS doesn’t tell you

many jerrysThey should never charge you a toll to drive on a freeway.

If I see myself in my rear view mirror, am I closer than I appear?

There’s no fork in the road near Spaghetti Junction.

What happens with bald tires on a hairpin turn?

Does your dashboard help you drive faster?

We have a  seat belt, but no seat belt loops.

Can you depress your brake simply by insulting it?

There are Broncos and Mustangs and horsepower. Watch your step.

In a car, it’s a carburetor. Why is there no such thing as a truckburetor? Or busburetor?

I just about have a coronary anytime I’m on a bypass.

If there’s one person in the car, it’s a U-turn. If there are passengers, it’s a they turn.

Speed bumps slow you down, but slow pokes don’t speed you up.

I don’t know of anyone who keeps gloves in their glove compartment.

My car has blinkers, but no eyelids.

Radiators cool. Gas fumes.

They call it bumper-to-bumper traffic, but in reality it’s Buford-to-Barnsville.

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